'616' is set mainly in the present day, but there are storylines and characters which span the whole of human history.

The story grew from the biblical number of the beast, which we all know as 666 of course, but there are older scrolls which gave the number as 616.
They say it's a mistranslation of the name of the Roman emperor Nero, but what if it wasn't... What if that number refers to a more ancient legend of a terrible evil which could one day return to the world, and a trinity of immortal warriors sworn to prevent it. In this way, '616' embeds itself into the various religions and mythologies of the world, and grounds this fantastical story firmly in what we know as reality.

We are making a prologue, the first three episodes of the series, which will be entered into webseries festivals and help us find funding for a full series.

We'll let you know how that goes!

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'616' began life as a gore-fest B movie feature script, which we made first as a short film and you can watch that here.

We have now developed the idea into a more mainstream fantasy/horror series, in the tradition of Buffy/Supernatural etc. However, at its heart the entirely original horror concept remains and like all great ideas it's ridiculously simple!

Shooting for the pilot episodes is now complete and we are finalising the vfx work. You can take a sneaky peek at how thatís going here.

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