When wannabe serial killer Rhys accidentally strays onto seasoned killer Nathan's territory it seems his quest for murder will be a short one...

However, luckily for Rhys, Nathan is part of a family of killers and, until recently, had killed in partnership with his brother Jamie. But Jamie's recent death in a car accident has left Nathan finding it hard to adjust to working alone. So when he meets Rhys - young, inexperienced and eager to learn the business - he evokes the big brother in Nathan and, when Nathan agrees to take Rhys under his wing, it seems the family is once more complete.

But will the rest of the family accept Rhys? And how will his arrival affect 'the syndicate'?


Written and produced by sister filmmaking team Victoria and Amy Howell, 'The Syndicate' was shot in 2010 and was given very generous assistance from Panavision, in the shape of a donated camera, so we extend a masssive thanks to them. The other people who need up front thanks are the very brave and lovely Walker family who let us run amok in their house for a weekend to film episodes three and four!

Due to a few editing set-backs, other projects - and sometimes life! - getting in the way, post-production took until late 2011 and the series went live online for the first time on Friday 13th January 2012.

The series was extremely well recieved with audiences and webseries festivals, winning Best International Webseries at the Hollyweb Festival 2012; Outstanding Cinematography, Writing, Directing and the Grand Jury Prize at the LA Webfest 2012 and Best Horror Webseries at Vancouver Webfest 2014. It was also an official selection for the Marseilles Webfest 2012 and Raindance London Webfest 2013.

The concept has now been developed into a feature script, 'In The Blood', which has done well in screenplay contests and we are now working on taking the feature version into production.

For now, we hope you enjoy the series - and don't forget to like us on Facebook... just click the F! :)

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